Custom SAX regular expressions are not being recognized.

This is because the server is not giving the client the global variable sax_highlight_pattern with the other global variables via a backend script tag injection.

This can be confirmed by evaluating window.sax_highlight_pattern in the console (returns undefined), and by inserting console.log(highlight_string) in between lines 280 and 281 of saxjax.js and sending/receiving a message (I chose this location because it is right before where it is used, but anywhere inside of the main IIFE that is called after lines 532 - 539 run should demonstrate equally well.), which returns the default /(^|[^\w])<first four chars of username>/i.
I hope that this is a quick and easy fix, or it was disabled intentionally/accidentally (I think it worked before)
Looks fine to me. Were you using pop-out SAX? We changed that earlier today so its highlighting should work again (I think it was doing what you describe here).
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