I have had problems figuring out how to display the tilemap. I have been experimenting and either the compiled programs displays weird colored boxes all over the screen and then resets or a blank white screen shows up. I have the documentation and the example program, The World's Hardest Game. Looking at the example program helped a lot, except I don't have levels, and my program still doesn't work. By the way, The tilemap have 8x8 tiles (not sure why I didn't do 16x16). I am using a tilemap because I want to display a screen-sized picture, and when I tried using a sprite, it was to big. Also I am aware that my definetilemap() only defines 160x120 screen, but the picture is that size.. for now.

For now, just assume everything up to the code I did right.


I'm not sure what's wrong, since the commands seems fine to me. Are you sure EXDES1 exists (and A is nonzero)?
According to the documentation, you have to store the data given in the tilemaps.txt file in {TILEMAP} Wink
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