Partially inspired by the recent multitude of users making their own websites and partially on my own initiative, I have been "hard at work" (ok, it wasn't that much work) revamping my website.

I've decided at making it look "pseudo-markdown" for various aesthetic reasons. (The website is largely inspired by because he is an amazing JS programmer and is website looks cool).

<nerd stuff>
This effect is really easy to replicate with a bit of modern CSS. The ::before and ::after pseudo-elements let you insert text and styles before and after an element, respectively.
For the headings, for example, I use a ::before pseudo-element to insert the appropriate number of hashtags.
</nerd stuff>
Looks cool! I see you color coded the projects! Side note: you should make the ASCII pi draw two Pi's in 360 characters, because 360° in 2π radians...
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