Last night I cut open a USB cable so I could get to the wires on it. I connected the positive and negative ends to a 5v .12A fan and plugged it into my calculator. Unfortunately, It refused to turn on so I turned off the calculator and plugged it back in and the fan turned on for 3 seconds or so but then turned off. I assume this is because the fan has no data ports so the calculator doesn't really know it's there?
To try and keep the fan running, I wrote a very complex program that took all my skill as a programmer to make:

Repeat getKey

This successfully kept the calculator supplying power to the fan long enough to keep it on constantly! I now have a weak fan connected to my calculator! Very Happy
I'm sure once the USB docs come out I'll be able to connect bigger and better fans, but for now, this is the best I can do.

Here's a new video and an old one before I had stuff soldered.
Oh, this looks really fun, and it might actually be useful in some cases, when you didn't bring your laptop to class but a calculator instead! Razz I'm curious as well if the calc could power a bigger fan, but I guess not, actually.
When I read the post, I thought you managed to splice in an i7 and needed cooling solutions Razz

For your program, may I suggest "Repeat getKey" instead of "While 1"? It'll make exiting better...
PT_: I hope it can too, I guess we'll have to wait until the USB is documented.
EDIT: Sorry Mateo, would 'until a driver is made.' be more appropriate?

SM84CE: I changed it to that on my calculator, thanks for reminding me to change it in my post too! Very Happy
TheLastMillennial wrote:
PT_: I hope it can too, I guess we'll have to wait until the USB is documented.

Will you stop saying this. USB is documented, it's just that no one here wants to put in the effort to write software using it.
Does it drains your battery on the calculator?
Waaangyi wrote:
Does it drains your battery on the calculator?

Yes, but nowhere near the amount the LCD screen drains the battery.
I did some further testing of the TI-84 CE USB port:

I am currently testing variations of the program where power is more stable.
Later when using a USB keyboard, I also was able to type special characters and access a glitched version of the f5 program editor menu on the homescreen.

Didn't like the way my hand looked on camera, so I wore gloves. Also, the explanations are just for demonstration as part of a project.
I came to that conclusion too, I really liked how your video explains exactly what's going on electrically! Now we just need to get more power consistently to the USB port. Smile
I'll leave a link to your video on mine later.
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