Like the title says, I'm going to try and use my RC helicopter and an old smartphone to try and record video. Currently, I'm working on designing the holder for the phone, which I did after making sure that my old smartphone actually worked (it did).

Holder so far:

Sorry for the large pics... can't help the fact that my camera is that good! Razz

That seems pretty cool. I'd suggest you use a quadcopter instead. They're usually more powerful and more stable. (I assume that an RC helicopter is one of those ones that the US Coast Guard uses.) I have a ton of "drones" (quadcopters) but only about half of them record. I doubt your helicopter will be able to hold the phone though. I don't know what brand or model it is, so I can't say. If it's a meter across, it should be fine, but if it's 5 inches, there could be a problem. I've actually tried this with a couple of my copters (heli and quads), but only one could BARELY lift it up. And only a few inches at that. I also don't know the weight of the phone, so... By the way, I used an iPhone 4. (Old, but still great) If it works, please post how you did it!

Also, you can resize imgur images to not make the whole page change. Wink
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