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Haha, the point is, if people know that your calculator has your name in the software, they're less likely to steal and use it. But I see your point, I suppose the wording is bad.

Also like I said in the video, in most cases just writing your name on the calculator will suffice. But who knows, you don't have to put your name in, maybe someone will put in something witty. Razz

Thanks for your thoughts!
It has been almost a month since my last video so it's time for my next one. This time I'm talking about Wait States. I haven't had time to film anything yet so I'm going to try something different, I'm going to share the main facts from my script. Please let me know of any factual errors I've made! Hopefully I can get some footage soon, I've got access to another CE now so I can make all the footage myself! Very Happy

So what is a wait state?
When a processor asks for data from the RAM, it has to wait for the data to be returned because RAM can't fetch data as fast as the CPU can process it. A wait state is just the amount of clock cycles (or in layman's terms, the amount of time) the CPU waits when fetching things from memory, which is why it is directly correlated to how fast the device runs.

You cannot currently overclock the TI 84 Plus CE.

A few good things to note. TI set a wait state minimum value you cannot change of 5. Then they added a default wait state value you can change of 4. Therefor the default wait state values is 9.

OK so I finally got footage shot, I've also edited the previous post to just focus on the 3 main facts of my script because ain't nobody got time to read a whole script! Razz
I would appreciate it if someone could quickly fact check those, I'm pretty sure they're accurate, but I've been wrong before and I just want to check.

I've also decided to completely switch over to HitFilm for this video. Fortunately it's not as hard as I expected, but it's still a big step from Movie Maker. Thankfully HitFilm is great about releasing lots of tutorials so I got about an eighth of the video done last night and I should be able to finish the rest of it much quicker!
I've got a nearly complete video finished! I've revised it down to about 8 minutes which I don't think is too bad. Please let me know what you think of it. It's been a huge learning curve, but I'm fairly happy with the result. I can't wait to learn more about the software!
Anyways, here you go!

As always, I'll credit anyone who corrects me on my information!
Is it just me or is the video unavailable?
Sorry about that, I changed the view permissions so hopefully you can see it!
+1 for using my program as an example Smile

Pretty cool video, otherwise!
Thanks for your feedback! I have finally released it and added it to the first post!
I would've had this released yesterday, but I found a few mistakes I wanted to correct.
I want to mention put my HD picture program to use and made it display the image on the calculator! I then took a picture of it and Photoshoped a background behind it! I know I could've just used CEmu, but I really wanted to use my physical calculator. Razz
It's been about a month which means... new video! This time I went pretty simple and just made a tutorial on connecting a keyboard to your calculator. I got just about all of the video part done, I just need to record and add the voice-over. If you have time, I'd appreciate it if you could give me some feedback on if I should change anything! I've got what I have so far here; the video is about 3.5 minutes.
Three months later, I finally finished the keyboard video! I've added it to the first post!

Man, I am really liking my HDPIC program for thumbnails Razz
I have completed the top 10 pranks to do to a TI 84 Plus CE! Check it out here!
New, short video I whipped up while working on my HP Prime G2 review. I just did something simple and showed off my Advanced Brightness Utility along with some semi-realistic scenarios to go with it. Razz
Check it out here!
Unfortunately, due to big, recent changes I don't know if I can keep up with my channel very much anymore. I don't have ready access to my 'studio' like I use to and I don't have much time to edit my footage. Nevertheless, I'll do my best to release videos, it'll just take me a couple months for each one.

I did get the time to whip up a new intro. I kept it as short as I could and didn't add any music. The Cemetech logo is just a placeholder for where the following content will be when the intro is finished. Please let me know what you think of it!
GG on the intro
Thanks for your feedback beck! I got real lucky, I found a nearly complete project I forgot to finish a long time ago! All it took was some fine tuning and I was able to release it today! I'm still busy mind you, I just got lucky with this video. Wink

Anyways, this is about unboxing my HP Prime G2. Enjoy!
I recently went on vacation so I was able to put together a video for this month! I decided to make a tutorial on how to invert the colors of the screen (aka 'dark mode'). Enjoy!
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