On mobile, on an iPhone, after not looking in on SAX for a little bit, it says that I lost connection, when I'm still actually on. "ERROR: lost connection null" or something like that. I can still send messages apparently, because after I sent some in reply, I couldn't see them, but they showed up after a refresh. This could just be my phone, but there also might be some other problem. I don't think that this is a "freeze" though. Just to be clear, my internet is pretty fast. Around 60 Mbps average. This is on one older phone, but I don't use Cemetech on my other newer phone, so I don't know if it's the OS problem, Safari problem or whatever else's problem. It probably is just me because it hasn't been said before.

EDIT: Battlesquid said that it's probably a timeout and it happens to everybody. I was thinking that it was my phone's problem, but I'm glad to see that it's not. (and my reading c4ooo's post below Smile)
Happens for me too. The phone's OS will tend to stop apps / processes you are not currently using, either to preserve battery, or becouse a different app needs more ram. I suppose at some point the process for the browser tab in which SAX is open gets stopped, causing the connection to be lost and timeout.
I think it's a Safari thing. Happens on my Mac all the time, usually after 5 minutes but often times less. I've posted about this before, I think around the time SAX got a rewrite but I'm not sure when that was.

It's funny because I still get highlights (and they stack up, one highlight will appear 2-10 times immediately). So, the chat log vanishes/disconnects but it still seems to be connected if it's receiving highlights and can even send messages.
I can't test Chrome on my phone since spring break is over, and it got confiscated again. Chrome is sometimes very laggy though, and I don't usually like other browsers. I like Dolphin web browser for iOS, but it also doesn't work. (SAX doesn't and still has these problems). Is it possible to force Safari to not disconnect and keep the messages there? If not, I just won't use the Cemetech website on mobile if possible. (Until there's an app Evil or Very Mad ) Razz I don't get highlighted when the messages disappear, though. Is there some other problem with my device? Or is it still Safari doing something?
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