Here is the first small little friend that I have made. Thanks for all the help!

I finished making the sprites, and now I need to make the animation. It will be a small loop of the llama (That's what it's supposed to be) jumping forwards.
Does anyone have a detailed guide on how to run convpng on mac? I tried doing it using wine, but I was unsuccessful. If anyone could help that would be great. Thank you.
Okay here we go.

First, download convpng if you haven't done so already. Put it in a place where it'll be safe. Now, duplicate it, and put it in your folder with the image and the convpng.ini file. remove all suffixes like "(1)" or "copy", and make sure it's just convpng. With that, open terminal. Applications, Utilities, Type "cd" into Terminal, and add a space after it. Find your folder with your stuff in it, and go to a directory where that folder is visible. Drag and drop that folder into Terminal. You should see something like "cd /Users/JCGTER777/Documents/CEdev" on that line. Press enter, and then on the next line, type "convpng", and press enter. You're done! Hope this helped! (This is how I do it. Ask Mateo for more efficient steps if you want)
When I download convpng, all I get is windows_convpng.exe. Where do you get the convpng.ini file?
You have to make it yourself. Directions are in the ReadMe. I recommend making things simpler by writing a bash file to run. Make something like "RUN.bash" in the text editor, and save it as a bash file. Put the two commands in my previous post on separate lines. The "cd" and then the "convpng". (SM84CE was talking about batch files on Windows, and made me remember this) Use this release (released on my birthday), to get the mac version. The latest release doesn't have mac support. If it says windows, don't download it. "exe"? No. Windows!=Mac.
Is this what the inside of the batch file should look like?


cd /Users/kids/Desktop/CEPNG
Not batch. bash. And, it looks correct AFAICS.
First, when I try to convpng using terminal this is the error I get:
Also, I have made the bash file but when I click on it, all it does is open it up in Xcode.

I have no idea what is going wrong.
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