I had been working on this program for several months, and I remembered about it a few days ago, and I started playing with it again, here is a screenshot displaying most of the features so far, if anyone wants to know how I created the terrain generator, just ask!

Currently I am working on making an inventory, where you can collect things.
EDIT: This is written in ICE
Here is another GIF showing the infinite possibility of the terrains:
Does it generate all of the terrain at the beginning, or does it generate more when you move?
Looks fantastic and the speed is good too.

Will there be any horizontal scrolling involved? What kind of mobs were you thinking about including?
Yay, another game made in ICE! Did you use Tilemap( or something else, like a double For-loop? You might want to explore double-buffering, to reduce the flickering. Keep up the excellent work! Smile
Poke: any progress? This looks cool! I'll probably be the envy in any of my junior year classes after people find out that I have a spin-off of Minecraft on my calc Razz
Yeah, sorry, I have not worked on this much, because I hit a road block. Right now, the program just displays the sprites for the terrain, but I need to use a tilemap, so I tried getting on my computer to create a tilemap, so thats where I am right now, I would say more, but I need to go, hope to figure this out soon!
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