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A while ago I made an Oregon Trail-esque game in TI-Basic in which you would go through the campaign of the first crusade, conquering cities and supplying their armies. I eventually scrapped the project due to poor initial planning which resulted in a chaotic mess. I've restarted the project in ICE and although I'm using the same concept, the game will have many new features. I'm trying to focus on adding more complex interactions between different features in the game.

The gif shows the main menu that you will interact with when not fighting battles. So far, that's what I've spent most of my time on.

-Inventory (supplies)
-Market (almost done)
-Map (not cities)
-Army status

-Campaign map
-Fighting battles
-City data
This seems to be really neat and looks shiny! I'd love to see this finished! Smile
Of course the ICE creator wants to see it done...

I'm interested too! Seems like fun...
Before I start with the progress that's been made, my main point of this post is a question: How should I handle the battles?

In the previous BASIC version, the soldiers on each side would decrease with each loop during a battle depending on factors like shields and swords and the last army standing won. This time, I want there to be options to retreat and the battles will last for a limited number of ticks instead of continuing until one side was destroyed.

Progress update: Added a lot of cities onto the map, finished up the market tab (so all your army tabs are done), added the city scouting tab. At this point fighting is the only major game mechanic to add (of course, that is still no minor task). I want to improve the main map screen because it looks pretty bad. I was messing around with different colors for the cities, but instead I may change the icon for them to see if that improves anything. I also need to work on the data for cities, which is very generic right now (notice how all the prices are the same in the gif).

A progress update, since I haven't given one in a while.

I've been working on battles, and I am near completion on it. It's not the most interesting system but I'm relatively pleased about it and I think that for now it will do. I will be finishing it soon and once I do I will post full screenshots.

The map needs to be changed so that all the cities aren't in 50*50 box on the screen. I should "zoom in" on it to spread things out more. I probably will do that, but I like the fact that you can see and recognize Europe as it is now. (Maybe I will add a zoom feature to get the best of both worlds? Probably not. That's a lot of work.)

Cities currently have only filler data. I am really dreading writing out the data for all of them (how many of each item are in the shops and what the prices are. There are 8 cities currently in the game (will be 10 at completion). 10*(6 items + 6 prices) = a lot of numbers to decide on and make sure are balanced) . Maybe once I finish everything else someone would be willing to help me with balancing city data?

-Finish battle system
-Progression through campaign + retreating back
-Mutinies if you attack a friendly city or have too low morale
-Random events as you travel (might not add this, haven't decided)
-Winning and losing

Oh boy does this look amazing!!! I say that especially because I had a lot of fun with the TI-Basic version, although I was wishing there was more! So Iím looking forward to seeing this ICE version completed Very Happy
I am so excited for this!!! I am so into war strategy games (such as AOE) and I am excited to see another one being developed for the TI84+CE! Keep up the good work!
I need some help. In ICE, you can't have floats. I need to take a percentage of a number, but I can't seem to do it without using decimals. Maybe I'm overthinking this. Can someone assist me?

This is basically what I'm looking to do (A and B are variables):

You could multiply everything by 100 then divide by 100 when needed. That gives you two 'decimal places'.
Ah. Okay. So what I should do is A*100/(A+B)*2. I've done similar things before in ICE, I don't know why I couldn't think of that. Thank you.
Minor note: you'll retain more precision by ordering the expression as A*200/(A+B). And if you want the result to be rounded rather than floored, use (A*401+B)/((A+B)*2).
Okay, so I didn't get as far as I'd like to with the battle screen but I'm posting this now because I'll be gone for a while and wanted to give an update. The main thing I still need to do is combine friendly and enemy soldiers, defense, attack, and fervor to determine how many soldiers are lost by each side every battle tick (Right now, I just have the enemy soldiers ticking down 5 to show off the battle screen). You can see that what I did accomplish is the bar that shows what percent of the battlefield is your soldiers and sprites that show whether you're on the attack or defense.

Right now, you can retreat and don't lose any more soldiers. However, eventually I want you to lose soldiers in a retreat, and have a chance that the enemy follows you as you retreat, therefore starting a new battle at the city you retreated to.

There will be loot once you win a battle, but winning is not yet implemented. When you are winning, the enemy may surrender (the more you are winning, the higher chance they have of surrendering).

And the gifs:

Second one is a bit corrupted, by I didn't feel like rerecording it
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