As a sort of spiritual successor to Puzzler's Sudoku, I'm going to try and bring to the monochrome calculators another staple of newspaper puzzle pages: the crossword!

This is only a demo at this point. The included crossword puzzle is based on the puzzle featured in the New York Times on April 25 2018, with a very interesting theme. Use the arrow keys to move around, and the letter keys to input letters. DEL deletes letters, and MODE switches between looking at/writing ACROSS or DOWN clues.

Download here. Make sure to include this appvar holding the puzzle data, or else the calculator might freak out.

I have now added proper display of clues for 1-letter words (i.e. none), and included a boilerplate README file.

The biggest new thing, however, is a fully-functional (and hopefully user-friendly enough) crossword puzzle editor to make your own crossword puzzles! It is written in Python 3, so have that installed to run it. Hopefully everything you need should be included. There's a new puzzle now, too, and it's today's mini crossword on the New York Times website!

Download here.
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