Hi there! Recently I decided that I wanted the game Pacman on my calculator. I looked up a video on youtube and followed all the steps. Finally, the last step was to punch in Asm( then the program I wanted (Pacman). Once I did it, a screen with the Words ERR: INVALID 1:QUIT 2:GOTO showed up. I pressed the Goto option and it brought me back to Asm(prgmPACMAN. Help?? Sad Graphing Calculator
Err, you can type in some short ASM snippets to be used by the Asm( command, but a full game can't be programed in pure hexadecimal, as far as I know. Post the link to the video, and we could help further Smile
This is because the asm program is wonky. Technically, you can type in a full game in pure hex, I don't see the point though. If the program was assembled, then clicking goto on the error will not open up a bunch of gibberish, which is why it brings you back to the program execution line. My guess is that you downloaded a game that was made for a different calc, or something of the sort.
Thankfully, pac-man is a very popular game and has been ported to a whole bunch of calculators. Here is a list of links to download an asm pac-man game for every model that has ti-84 in the name.
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