What is the best completed project of September 2017?
 7%  [ 1 ]
Connect 4 for TI-84 Plus CE
 23%  [ 3 ]
Fishy and Scogger CE
 46%  [ 6 ]
Travis's assorted smart light scripts
 0%  [ 0 ]
 23%  [ 3 ]
Total Votes : 13

Welcome back to another PotM article! This month we are covering all the wonderful projects of September, of which there were several completed ones. Here is everything that we saw this month:

  • Agar.io+ [Agar.io Expansion for PC]: Battlesquid has been working hard this month on his own version of the popular online game agar.io. Agar.io+ is a wonderful new expansion/take on the game, so go check it out! There are screenshots and download links in the thread.
  • Connect 4 for TI-84 Plus CE: tqbun, a new member, has delighted us with his own version of Connect 4 right at the end of the month. Featuring an artificial intelligence to play against, and a multiplayer version which should be coming soon, this one's definitely worth a look.
  • Fishy and Scogger ported to the CE: Iambian has successfully ported both his Fishy and his Scogger game to the CE, from the 83+ and the 84+ CSE (respectively). In Fishy CE you must become the biggest fish in the sea, while avoiding larger fish, and in Scogger CE you must hop over lily pads and land at the last one with no lily pads left. They both look like fun games that are worth a play!
  • New Rpg in progress: Switchblade has been hard at work at his own top-down RPG for the 83+/84+. While there is no name for the game yet, it looks like he is making good progress!
  • Smart Geocache: salehAce has started working on a "Smart" geocache, in which you complete certain tasks or puzzles in order for a lock to open up. There is more explanation in the thread, and even some videos!
  • Sorcery of Uvutu PC Port: 123outerme has completed his port of Sorcery of Uvutu to the PC. It is very similar to the calculator version, except now you can actually play it on your own computer! There are some wonderful downloads and screenshots in the thread.
  • Travis's assorted smart light scripts: Travis has created several lighting scripts in python, which can control the hue, brightness, etc of various LED lights. This one is an awesome project because if you have your room set up with the appropriate hardware, you can create almost any mood you like.
  • Calkusudo: Nik has come up with a wonderful new Sudoku game for the TI 83+/84+ monochrome calculators, and it is 100% programmed in TI-Basic! If you are up for a challenging game of sudoku, or even want to look at the code for the game, you will not be disappointed.
  • [TI84+CE] Virtual3D : A full assembly 3D engine: TheMachine02 has blessed us with incredible screenshots and explanations of his wonderful new 3d engine, developed for the TI-84+ CE, and using the powerful ez80 microprocessor. While it's not completely finished yet, there is already significant progress beyond your imagination!

And that's it for September! 6 of the projects listed here were completed this month, so be sure to vote for your favorite one! We'll be back soon for next month's article.
There's a lot of competition on this poll, so remember to make a wise vote on this one (in case you missed it).

Personally I really liked ALL of them, but one of them was slightly closer to my heart then the rest Very Happy
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