I just downloaded a few games to my calculator and the connect app on my computer showed that it worked but none of them are showing up on my calculator under apps. What do I do?
Are they apps or programs? Do they show up under the "prgm" button?
press [prgm], they are programs, not apps.
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The only apps available for the CE are ones by TI that aren't games. The only app for the CE on this website is Cesium, but that starts out as a program. Once you have your games, and have found them, be sure to have all the libraries you need. If you're running an assembly program, make sure you run it with the Asm( command if you're not using OS 5.3.0 or later.

(Thanks to M. I. Wright for pointing out a dumb mistake I made)

NOTE: DO NOT. I repeat DO NOT, upgrade to OS 5.3.1. It makes using PTT and other stuff hard to use. If you don't do on-calc ASM programming, and don't use Testing mode (PTT is Press to Test), you can. Read more about this here
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