What is the best completed project of July 2017?
Assembling eZ80 code with flat assembler g
 11%  [ 1 ]
Cellar 3D - raycasting based game for TI-84 Plus CE
 22%  [ 2 ]
Donkey Kong [TI84+CE]
 44%  [ 4 ]
Lob the Loon
 0%  [ 0 ]
R3 - 3D grapher for the CE
 22%  [ 2 ]
Worldwide Combos
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 9

And we're back with another PotM! This month many people had Summer Holiday, so there are less projects than average, but nonetheless still a great list, so check them out!

  • Assembling eZ80 code with flat assembler g: jacobly has made the fasmg assembler available on the CE, by creating the necessry include files, to be compatible with fasmg. It's much more powerful than the most-used assembler, spasm, (but also harder to learn); a bunch of projects has already been ported to fasmg, so if you're struggling with impossible things in spasm, don't hesitate to switch to fasmg!
  • Cellar 3D - raycasting based game for TI-84 Plus CE: patrickdavidson has ported a raycasting game to the CE, Cellar 3D. It's a pretty simple yet interesting game where you have to walk through a maze; the game has currently a small gameplay, so we hope to see him adding new features in the future!
  • Donkey Kong [TI84+CE]: Another great C game made by Rico! This is a port of the classic arcade game Donkey Kong, made for the CE, where you need to get as many points as you want (like many games, huh?). The screenshots are looking incredible, so don't wait to give it a shot!
  • DoodleJump CE [C] [TI 84+ CE]: Unicorn has continued working on his CE port of the popular Android game DoodleJump. The paddles looks like real and jumping is pretty smooth, so visit this topic to encourage the author to finish this awesome game!
  • Infinite Canon Generator: Ever heard a simple rhytm you wan't to hear over and over again without restarting it all the time? Kydapoot has made a simple Python program to play a canon all the time, until you stop the program. This is ideal if you want some background music when making homework, so check it out!
  • Kerbal Space Program CE [KSP-CE]: TheLastMillennial has made some small updates to his CE port of the popular game Kerbal Space Program. It would certainly be a nice game to see being finished, so push him to get it working!
  • MateoConLechuga Tribute Game {PC}: kotu made a game in C to tribute Mateo; he didn't provide much information, so if you want to explore this more, to check the CodeWalrus thread he made.
  • NESizm (Casio Prizm NES emulator): Ever wanted to play NES games on your Casio Prizm? Good news, tswilliamson made a NES emulator (called NESzim). It looks very promising and the source is also available, so check it out!
  • Open World Engine for RPGs (OWERPG?): c4ooo made an engine to create RPGs, so if you want to make an RPG, go ask him!
  • R3 - 3D grapher for the CE: Finally there's a way to display 3D graphs with your CE? It's finally possible! sw4nky made a 3D grapher in C. It looks pretty useful and nice, so be sure to give it a try!
  • Self-Defined Object System: shkaboinka has again improved his Self-Defined Object System. To be honest, I don't really have an idea what this is, but it looks amazing nonetheless, so be sure to provide some feedback in the thread.
  • Super Marm World (An Oiram Pack Collection): xMarminq_ has fixed some of his Oiram levels, so if you was stuck in one his levels, go visit the download link he posted and try again!
  • The "Frankencalculator": TI-84+ inside a Raspberry: Muessigb got the screen working of the "Frankencalculator", a very old project to connect a Raspberry to a TI-84+. The project looks quite promising, so if you want to play around with your Raspberry and TI-84, be sure to visit this thread.
  • The Oregon Trail CE [ICE] [Release 1.0]: OldNewTimer fixed many bugs in his game "The Oregon Trail", releasing a beta version with many improvements. The screenshots look astonishing, so this project is definitely worth a look!
  • TI-Planet's "Project Builder" with online CE C/C++: Do you want to write C program but had troubles trying to install the C SDK? Luckily you can write your projects online with the TI-Planet Project Builder! Adriweb has made many improvements this moment, including autocompletion and downloading individual files, so if you ever got stuck with the C SDK, definitely use this.
  • [Web browser] Worldwide Combos: Still not tired about the popular game Tetris? noelthebest made a website where you can play Tetris against each other, named "Worldwide Combos". You can do a 1v1, spectate another game and much more. Can you try to beat the author himself?

And that's it! Still a great list with projects, despite holidays. Go check out the projects and vote in the poll for your favorite project, eventually providing feedback. Keep up the great work everyone!
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