I have been planning this project for a while, but I haven't announced it because I haven't had enough time to work on it consistently. Now that the semester is (nearly) over, I will have time to work on it during the summer break.

WordCrossing is a word game where players score by making words in a crossword pattern on a 15x15 grid (sound familiar?). WordCrossing will allow for gameplay between up to four players, which can be either humans or instances of the built in AI.

I have not done substantial work on this project yet, but I will post more information and updates when available.
This sounds really cool! I love word games, and this is probably the first on-CE one, so I'm excited. I do have a question though. For any program, how does making an AI work? And especially with these more complicated games, how does it "think"? If not other games, how do you plan on making the AI for this game?

Can you include a rough To-do list? How similar will it be to <original game>Scrabble</original game>?

(Addition: You should add that this is for the CE in the title to attract more people if you want, since I've see that since the CE is so popular, if that [CE] thing is there, more people look at it.)
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