I have a customer that wants an SSD put into their laptop, as it will be put to use as a police computer and they don't want to deal with a jostling computer and hdd failures. I'm not entirely sure what brands are offering good SSDs, as I've seen plenty of issues regarding random failures in SSD tech, but not which brands are suffering these random failures. So I'm hoping you guys could help me out with pointing to a good brand for me to tell this person (and for me to look at upgrading to as well later Smile )

Thanks in advance!
Personally, I've bought 2 Samsung SSDs (512gb 850 pro, and 250gb 960 evo) in the last couple of months, and have been very pleased with the quality, but honestly, I've never had much problems with any SSD. Given that this is going to be used for work, I would suggest a Samsung 850 pro, or an expensive enterprise grade Intel, but honestly, I think you could get away with any cheaper SSDs like Crucial or WD. The small performance differences between brands won't be noticeable, and the lifespan of modern SSDs is such that it will likely outlive other components in the system.
Second on the Samsung Evo's. I've had two 850 Evo Pros in a computer for a few years now with no issues. Though I've never heard of "random SSD failures" on the scale you're suggesting, it's pretty safe to upgrade to SSDs these days.

In my main circle of friends, they all use an SSD as their boot drive in their desktops. I have friends who buy Kingston and Crucial and have had no issues. So, I say get the clients budget and start from there.

I usually try and compare warranties, but with a case like this I probably wouldn't bother on the length of the warranty. On the rare case the SSD fails, the client probably won't want to wait for the warranty exchange to happen. They'll probably want a new SSD in the laptop as soon as possible but it of course depends on the client.
Samsung or Intel are my recommendations. The Intel's might be a bit more expensive and have a little worse performance but they seem to be better on the long term support side of things and should be better on the random death issue.
As far as reliability is concerned, perhaps even more than the brand, the technology used in the Flash memory chip matters.
TLC Flash memory, as used in the vast majority of consumer drives, is out of the question: I remember that it was even showed to be lend itself to Rowhammer-type attacks...
MLC memory, used in e.g. Samsung 850 Pro, is better, and that's why I chose it over an Evo model for a SSD I requested at work.
Back in the day, there was only SLC memory, normally the most robust type... but it's now limited to a tiny number of models Sad
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