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I have recently learned about the coveted ti-92 plus module and out of sheer boredom I looked it up on ebay and found it.


I would like to try it out in my TI-92 II but $300 is a bit steep for my budget, at least in my naive opinion. Should I wait for another opportunity or ask seller a question? What do they go for on ebay at other times? If it is definitely worth $300, I'll pass the offer.
Or you could get this one for only $20.

I would not buy the one you linked in your post, that's way too high of a price for a (classic yes) but quite old calculator. Not even the brand new TI Nspires cost that much. EDIT: I just noticed the one you linked isn't even a 'plus' version, look at the top where it says TI-92, there's no Plus next to it like the one I linked. I would suggest reporting that item for incorrect product information. Either the picture is wrong or they don't know how to read. Either way they are scamming you with that $300 price.

Try looking through some search results to find a better deal than $300. Smile
The Plus module is very hard to find indeed, but 300USD is outrageously expensive.
For much less than that, you could buy a V200, which has more Flash memory than the 92+ (and 89), has a smaller form factor, and can run a newer OS.
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