I am wanting to take ap calculus,, but i dont know which calculator to use. anyone have suggestions?
You should look at Cemetech's Back to school graphing calculator guide topic.
Personally I'd go for an Nspire though an 84 Plus CE will probably see you through.
If you want to go with TI, then the 2 main options would be the CE or an nspire CX-CAS (not just the CX). That being said, my calculus teachers did not allow any programmable/graphing calculators during exams. They forced everyone to either use scientific or 4-function calculators. The ti-nspire CX-CAS will be able to satisfy all your calculusy needs like indefinite integrals and derivatives, tangent lines, even multi-variable. The CE can only do definite integrals and derivatives, and will error out sometimes, because Gauss-Kronrod quadrature. Some scientific calculators can do pretty much the same amount of numeric calculus approximation as the CE, such as the Casio FX-991ESPLUS, which might be a cheaper option that might be allowed on your exams.
There are also some advanced Casio and HP graphing calculators, but those don't really have online communities that could help if there is a problem.
Personally, I would go for a scientific calculator that has some numeric algorithms built-in, but if you really want a calculator that can do all the work and could hinder your learning because of it, then I'd go for the ti-nspire CX-CAS or the cheaper monochrome ti-nspire CAS with touchpad.
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