For the sixth year in a row, Cemetech will have a presence at Texas Instruments' T^3 International Conference , this year in San Antonio, Texas. Once again, administrator Dr. Christopher "Kerm Martian" Mitchell will be both reporting on the conference for Cemetech and extending our mission to teach programming by teaching teachers to teach TI-BASIC. Thomas "elfprince13" Dickerson and elfprincess13 were supposed to attend as well, but unfortunate ineptitude by American Airlines nixed that earlier today. The conference comprises two and a half days packed with seminars taught by teachers, for teachers, focusing on using calculators to enhance math, science, and increasingly programming education. Cemetech has attended over these six years (most recently in Chicago in 2017) in the guise of at various times administrators elfprince 13, Shaun "Merthsoft" McFall, member DrDnar, and for fleeting instants one and two years ago, Jon "Jonimus" "TheStorm" Sturm. Each year, we have taught teachers programming and taken the pulse of programming's acceptance in the K-12 education community. Over the past three years, we've been particularly gratified to see programming and electronics with graphing calculators gain increasing acceptance by both teachers and the company itself, and we're proud to think that all of us calculator hackers led the way towards making that possible.

As always, we look forward to bringing you the latest news, insights, and engrossing sessions from the conference, so stay tuned by keep your eyes on Cemetech's Twitter account (don't forget to follow it, as well as our Facebook page!) and Cemetech's forum for our latest experiences from T^3 2018. You can get a sneak peek at the slides from tomorrow's lecture below if you want to learn how to rotate a 3D cube in TI-BASIC. If you're curious about our past T^3 experiences, we have coverage from 2013 with postmortem, 2014 with postmortem, 2015 with postmortem, 2016 with postmortem, and 2017.

Teaching Beginner Programming Concepts with the TI-83 Plus/TI-84 Plus/TI-84 Plus CE

Alvajoy123 wrote:
Don't Forget To Ask to Release How to make an application for the ti-84+CE Smile Good Idea

If you mean asking TI to release the signing key, I don't think they will, Mateo already found out how, so there won't be any need.
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