Well, you all know how much I love statistics, so I'm proud to announce that since July 2004, Cemetech has garnered a grand total of 50,028 posts to date. Among the longer-established fora we have now passed in terms of members, posts, and probably words are Maxcoderz and Calcgames.org (the latter of which still has about twenty-five thousand more registered users). The rundown on the current stats: besides the number of posts, we have 1101013 words posted in 1377 by 480 members, and the most users online at one time is 48 from when my design for a portable GIMP was released on Digg. Enjoy many happy years of calcing, and here's to less than two years for the next fifty thousand!
I think it will be even shorter that that. ETA on your personal 50,000th post?
Aye, Kerm is quick approaching 20K Shock.
Meh, let's take a look in another three years and see where I'm at. I'm not going to be able to keep up this frenetic pace forever, you know; at some point I'm gonna have to get a life. Very Happy
you will, but you are Kerm Martian, what else can you do? (lol)
rivereye wrote:
you will, but you are Kerm Martian, what else can you do? (0x5)
Heh, besides becoming ruler of the world? That takes a moderate amount of time, perhaps as much as an hour a day. Very Happy Just Joking
Kerm's prioritized to-do list:
1. Take over the world.
2. Initiate relationship with female humanoid and procreate.
3. Teach Kerm-spawn to rule in stead.
4. Grow old, invent anti-aging cure, and live forever.
5. Realize Kerm-spawn will not be needed any longer.
6. Devise elaborate plan to lure Kerm-spawn into carbonite factory.
7. Encase Kerm-spawn in carbonite and display in Museum of Curiosities.
8. Continue iron-fisted rule of oppression.
9. Develop incredibly evil/jolly chuckle and grow enormously fat.
10. ???
11. PROFIT!!!
12. Develop mind-control techniques to make the Kerm-spawn enjoy wearing pointy hats and shoes, then revive them and set them to work building subpar toys to "give away" to kids once a year as a gimmick to promote the toy industry I will completely own.
13. Continued profit.
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