I fixed my problem. I redrew my sprite with an extra border of 255 white. That made it's "tail" white, so it wouldn't show.
Since Alvajoy123 was wondering about this, this project isn't dead. It just needs an ICE pack (of experts). Razz

  • Sprites for the level(s)
  • Highscores
  • Credits (maybe, maybe not)
  • A boundary for moving the paddle in all 4 directions
  • Other stuff I don't remember at the moment

  • Homescreen
  • Menu (thanks to SM84CE who probably doesn't even remember making it Razz)
  • Paddle that can move right and left without leaving a trace
  • The knowledge that I can move the paddle up/down/left/right with an extra ~6 lines of code

Any ideas/suggestions would be appreciated!
Oh, the menu Razz I remember that, used in CubeTimer CE ICE, I use a similar setup in my programs, the one I gave you was modified to fit the pre-existing setup of changing text color. Mine in TC CE ICE uses a highlight style.
can i see some images
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