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It's less than 24 hrs, but I think this deserves a double post.

The code is gone, all of it except my single backup.

Tari tried his best but:
Tari wrote:
Turns out the most recent [...] backup is from April, which probably isn't any help to you.

[Source Coder] doesn't keep any old revisions, so without backups there's nothing I can do. It's possible there are backups I don't know about, but don't hold your breath.

I may be able to scrounge some useful code out of that April backup, but I doubt there's much code of real use.

I'll be working on getting stuff back to where it was I guess. Crying

I suppose we can call this the 'red banner of death' or RBoD :\
When I found a not-so-old semi-working version of my code:

Yeah, I found a very recent version, I've already got the code back to where I was before the SC crash! I did lose all my comments yet again and I also lost code from previous version I would've like to have kept, though if I dig through my calculator backups, I'm sure I'll find the source for those too. Very Happy

Screw you RBoD, you can't stop me! I make the programs around here, I can code the whole darn day!
Hey a good update! Big thanks to PT_, I've gotten the code to relatively working state!
It's all rearranged so it's more robust and easier to call the 'methods'. Also, it can now detect all the images AND open them to full screen when you click on the thumbnail! I've got a new bug though where the program freezes once you open 5 or so images, so that needs to be fixed. I'll try to get a GIF on here soon, things are throwing a fit right now.

I'd like to add that I've been putting small updates that aren't post-worthy over on CodeWalruses calc news so if you're really into my projects and what I've been up to, just follow the link, you don't even need an account to see what I (and the other users) post.
Hey here's that GIF I promised!

At the very end, the program crashes, I had to edit that part out because my adjusted certificate makes my calculator display my real name when it RAM resets. Laughing
I've also completely redone my first post so it's a bit cleaner.
Progress report! 10 minutes ago I solved the program crashing bug I had in the previous post! Turns out that looping this line: DefineSprite(40,60->THUMBNAILwas the culprit. So I just moved it to the top of my program with the rest of my declarations and now everything works! I've also added switching to other images without needing to go back to the thumbnail page! This is by far the most stable version I've got. EDIT: The code is now on GitHub.
Here's another GIF:

I'm currently adding multi-page support, it's not working right now but I should have that fixed reasonably soon. I need to add a thing that wont let you keep scrolling into unmapped memory when you've gone though all the images.

I'm also going to try and get custom palette support. This should significantly improve the quality of the images. Unfortunately convPNG doesn't seem to support the command with the ICEgroup. Could someone possibly help me with that?
Once images have individual palettes, displaying multiple image thumbnails will require some trickery. Rather than taking the lame way out and storing pre-converted thumbnails using a shared palette like xlibc or rgb332, you should try converting them at runtime.

For each image, you'd loop through the palette and record the xlibc or rgb332 color that's most similar. rgb332 will definitely be easier so I'd go with that, although GraphX can't generate this palette for you like the xlibc one, so you'll have to create it manually. Once you have the color conversion LUT, loop through the pixels in the source image and convert to the shared palette. You can (and should) downscale the image at the same time by moving by 4 source pixels at a time (both horizontally and vertically).
Oh, that seems quite... difficult.
Isn't there an easier way such as storing the custom palette for that particular image into a separate app var? (is that the same way you described as 'lame'? Razz) Sure there'll be lots more app vars to work with, but I think it'd be a lot more doable for me. Is there a better option if I did it in C?
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