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How do I split a PNG?
Is there min/max size?
TheLastMillennial wrote:
You only use either an L or an R, never both at the same time.

What if I wanted the name to be:REDPIC4? Would it work?
TheLastMillennial wrote:
(Boy, I can't wait to include a easy converter program in my next release.)

when will it be out? Very Happy
Now I think we have an issue of you not reading the ReadMe. Rolling Eyes
Just use any local image editing software, or online tool to split the image.

Yes REDPIC4 would work, the program only looks at the eighth character of the header to see which image half it's dealing with. The ninth through sixteenth character are used strictly for pairing images together, and providing the name.

When will it be released? I'll just follow Kerm's policy.
KermMartian wrote:
I should start playing by George R. R. Martin rules. Every time someone asks when [HDpic] will be released, I delay it by another week.
So how many weeks is it now? Very Happy
And what about the easy converter?

Thanks I got it working.
Thanks I got it working. Very Happy
I have 2 suggestions

1:Some color setings like: background color and text color.
2:I think the pictures names should have a max length of 16 chars instead of 8.
Thanks for your suggestions!
1. I'm adding that eventually but it's not a priority right now.
2. If it were simple to allow 16 characters I would, but as it currently stands: I find 8 characters plenty for a simple name, and there's nowhere near enough room for me to display 6 images per page and allow 16 character names. Therefore I don't think it's worth the effort to change a bunch of code and rearrange my image layout to allow for 16 char names.

My current priorities are:
1. Fix image detection (yet again)
2. Get the thumbnails to display with the correct pallet (that's gunna be a huge learning curve)
Can you add a zoom in/out function?
Got a few updates!
Thanks to PT_, image detection is working again!
Mateo is teaching me how the new thumbnail routine is going to work during our free time. Since he was busy today I started researching how to get my program to act as a subprogram for other programs.
I first tried to get the contents of Ans (which should be a string) in ICE, but it turns out ICE sets Ans to 0 when a string is stored in it. I can use a Str var instead but, I would've liked to not restrict the calling program's use of a Str var. I'll probably set it up so the calling program stores the image name (as it appears in my program) into a Str var then calls the HDPIC program.

A zoom in feature? That'll have to wait, I don't know how well the ICE routines can scale up an image. I'll also have to implement panning over an image. I suppose it's doable but, it'll be a later feature.
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