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I just picked up a TI Nspire with 2 keyboards, a TI 84 Plus and a Touchpad. It's hardly been used and the selling price was $10. The people selling it bought it for their son back in 2010, but they said it was too complicated for him and it was just stuck in a drawer. I bought it just to play around with it, and yes it is complicated to use. After about a week Iím starting to understand all the different sections and what to do with them. Iíve gone thru every menu just to see whatís there. But I have a question about memory. When I do a Home, 5, 4, it shows Version and Available space 14.0 MB out of 27.8 MB. When I do Home,2, MyDocuments shows 243 KB. Is that 27.8 MB supposed to be user memory, and if so, whereís all the memory thatís being used if MyDocuments is just using 243 KB. Iíve done a forum and google search, but didnít find an answer. The 14.0 MB is probably more memory than Iíll ever use, but Iím just wondering about the other memory and whatís using it.


Your OS is sorely outdated, update to 3.9 the latest version for the nspire grayscales
Thanks for the reply, timedia. I know my OS is way out of date, but I probably wonít update it. Iím just playing around with the Nspire to learn how to use it. Once I get bored with it, Iíll pull the batteries and toss it in with all my other TI calculators. I have 60 of them and whenever I find one that I donít have, Iíll buy it if itís not too expensive. I was just curious where the big chunk of memory was thatís being used. I think itís the OS getting copied into user memory. If so, I donít know why the OS doesnít have its own memory area.
It may be the operating system, being outdated, counting the memory wrong?
Try deleting the OS using the maintenance menu and install 3.9, no guarantees that the calc wont brick though
The Nspire's way to count the memory has always been peculiar, the OS version has nothing to do with it.

Updating a Clickpad or Touchpad Nspire to OS 3.9 isn't necessarily the smartest thing to do, for those who want to be able use it for purposes other than merely transferring the OS and a few simple Basic / Lua documents...
Ndless works with 3.9 doesn't it? If i'm not mistaken a new installer has recently been released
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