When you have Chrome notifications on for SAX highlights, it shows a cut off version of the Cemetech banner.
It would be better if it were an enlarged version of the favicon.
Instead of redoing it, I would just cut off the E, or not bother about it at all. It's not that bad.
I agree that it is not really a very nice image, but this is intentional. I went ahead and looked at the script, and this is the notification icon.

var NOTIFICATION_ICON = "/img/icon/logoicon_128.png";
this.createNotification("SAX Highlight", text, NOTIFICATION_ICON);

So somebody went ahead and cropped up the logo to make this image.
I think there is something to be said about changing it, but we should provide some options for our beloved staff Razz

I went ahead and resized Kerm's Youtube icon, because I figured that's a square image that kinda looks like it's related to Cemetech, although it might just be referring to his name, but idk if that would look nice either.

and here is another Razz

and one more Evil or Very Mad

and maybe some 2007 swag Rolling Eyes

if anybody has some ideas, leave them below, and then we shall have a nice set to choose from Razz
What about this one? Razz

/me hides
PT_ wrote:
What about this one? Razz

/me hides

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