I've played pokemon battle factory for the ti83+/84+ many times. Everytime I play the game though, the screen is hardly visible. Is there some way I can fix that? ...And also glitches pretty much keep me from moving on past about 5 levels.
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It's in assembly, btw. That's not going to work, plus I already tried that. If you press [2nd], that's like hitting enter. Maybe somebody can help me if someone actually downloads it. Smile

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Holding both of them down at the same time doesn't seem to work either.
I think what TheLastMillennial means is on the home screen, turn your brightness up by typing [2nd][up arrow] ten times. This will adjust the contrast and hopefully make the program visible.
Tried that too, (sigh). It turns to the same lightness no matter what the contrast was on the homescreen. If somebody could download it on their ti83+/84+ and find a solution there, that would be great. Smile

Edit: I wonder how the emulator got it at normal contrast.
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