Most of you haven't missed me, but I've been gone for a while. And for the time being, I think it's gonna stay that way. With all the extra AP courses I'm taking in school right now, plus track, cross country, and my involvement in my school's theatre program, I simply don't have any more time for Cemetech. It pains me to say this, but I'm giving up this hobby for now. Maybe I'll come back in a few years when I have everything under control.

Shoutout to Kerm, who got me into this beautiful hobby which has guided me into my eventual career with his book, PT_, who was infinitely helpful when I needed some help with ICE (or anything for that matter), MateoC, _iPhoenix, TheLastMillenial, Alex, Michael2_3B, Ivoah, and everyone else who's online 24/7. And last but most importantly, Pieman7373, who has been my friend through all of my Cemetech history through HCWP way past my bedtime, to after school talks on the phone. I'll keep in touch!

I should also probably recognize that I have numerous projects, namely the April PotM, which are woefully incomplete. Even though it's cowardly and abrupt, I'm going to have to cut them all off. (The April PotM drafts are in both Nik and Kerm's inboxes, however).

Later Skater,
Awww! I hope you can get everything straightened out so you can come back (hopefully) at the end of the school year! It's a shame to see you go, you were a great member and I look forward to seeing you again. Smile
I'll miss you. I hope you come back some day.

I think I'll take the opportunity to say that I'm taking a mini-break myself. I'll still be here and hanging out, but I'm probably not going to post as much, with most of my activity on SAX/IRC.

Mys, NEUPL, and UniChat will still get updates, (in that order, from highest priority to lowest) but they will be smaller and less frequent. Contributions to the latter two are welcomed, you can check them out on my github. Link to my github.

I'm not going to lower my activity on CW, because of UCC4.
Yeah, I've noticed your reduced activity, but a lot of us become less active during semesters for obvious reasons. I tend to stick around, but not work on projects, because glancing at the posts isn't as time consuming/draining as working on a program.
I'm sure we will still see you lurking from time to time though Wink. I look forward to this summer when a lot of members will become more active again.
Best of luck with school stuffs to the both of you Smile
Hey man, best of luck on your education and endeavors. I hope we hear from you down the line Smile
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