I was backing up my TI 84+ CE (Which was at OS to test a program that used to work that would now crash the calculator. Of course, the calculator crashed and I had to reset it. When loading files, I chose to replace all files with similar names. But when it started installing the flash apps (8ek files) the calculator crashed. When I reset the calculator, all the apps were gone. I tried to install everything but apps first, which worked, but I still couldn't get my apps back. I have tried installing the apps separately first. I have reset the ram, and tried resetting everything, which all failed. I even tried the app bundle, which got the same crash.

When it crashes its jus says

*Appname APP

I get this when trying to transfer 8ek file or a bundle: https://imgur.com/zCFzlNI

This is my firmware: https://imgur.com/5chNHid

The only thing listed on the apps is Finance, which I don't think uses an 8ek: https://imgur.com/lLdyTcZ

Does someone know what's going on, if this is a problem with TI Connect, the calculator, or the OS? and is there another way to restore the apps?
Does it actually say "Appname APP" or the name of an actual app? Which app does it crash on?
It does say the name of the app. This happens for every 8ek file, which includes fall flash apps, language files, and the hub.
It might be worth making sure you have the latest version of TI Connect CE. Help > Check for Upgrades and Notifications
I am indeed at the latest version of TI Connect CE (
I am not sure what is causing this, but here are some more things to try:

    -make sure the USB cable is pushed in all the way
    -run the GarbageCollect command found in the catalog ([2nd][0][alpha][tan])
    -completely reset your calculator and resend the OS/Apps bundle:
      1) Download the bundle here
      2) Turn the calculator off
      3) Press [2nd], [del], and the reset button on the back of the calculator
      4) Press [clear]
      5) Connect the calculator to your computer and open TI Connect CE
      6) Send the bundle: Actions > Send OS/Bundle to Calculators...
    -contact TI for assistance
Had same problem, restart the computer and reinstall ti connect ce worked for me
I guess I probably should just contact TI.
TI does not necessarily have the information you need. I have had a similar problem before, and contacting TI did nothing. I would suggest following the suggestions above.

  1. Restarting computer and reinstalling TI-Connect
  2. Garbage Collecting
  3. Reinstalling the OS

The things I tried:

  1. taking out the battery
  2. doing 2nd + del and the reset button, clear all mem a few times, and then reinstall OS
  3. Charging it
  4. getting a new cable
I just deleted TI-Connect and reinstalled and Garbage Collected and it worked fine
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