The last time I did a full RAM reset was like a month ago, but now, it's still at 1/1/2015. The time definitely changes, but not the date. Any solution?
I too have this issue, could it be due to Cesium? I have 2.4.3 of it.
TheLastMillennial: Could you also try running Phasm? It hasn't been working, so I think that Cesium might have broken that as well.
It somehow works again. It might not be Cesium but ICE, actually. Sad

It could be Cesium still, though... (this means that I don't know, but there are two suspects)

I ran snake deluxe from the homescreen,and when exiting, my calc defragged. I went to Cesium, and I had about 20 extra programs. (I had about 100 hidden.) There were several weird things. First, a new prgm A appeared, and had about 6000 times more size than the original. (When run, calc crashed and actual RAM clear occurred) A prgm adventur was created, and even though the original was 8k adventures in basic, the new one was ez80 asm and it was rubex. (I still had RubEX down there)

To be more clear about prgmA's crash, there was a lineless Error: Overflow, and then when I pressed clear, the cursor started flashing. I couldn't get out, but I "fixed" that by turning it off. But when I turned it on, the screen that you get after a RAM clear, and a off and on appeared, and then it crashed again.

After this, the next day, it became 1/2/2018! (I had not run ICE yet)
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