Does anyone know if there is a way to make a nspire send a string to a ti 84 plus ce and vice versa
In general, if you can make the devices speak a common protocol, yes, you can Smile

More specifically, and with brevity:
* the syscalls to make a Nspire calculator send / receive data on its USB port are known, though they're seldom used;
* by now, USB on the 84+CE is relatively well understood by e.g. jacobly;
* in 2010, one of the Ndless 1.0 installers, Nspire8x, worked on the 84+/84+SE (which have different USB hardware and software) by talking the Nspire's standard protocol to the Nspire.
How should I go around doing such a thing
Timedia I do not know how, but try asking TheKermMartian or MateoConLechuga
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