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Hello everyone!,
So, I am new to Ti-84 programming and programming in general. I was wondering if there are any tips you guys have for starting out. I just recently saved up and got my Ti-84 Plus CE radical red calculator and have been loving the journey so far. Anyways I am an extreme amateur in this, but want to eventually make awesome games and programs. Please explain what Qt and CEmu are and any other programs that I might need (The only programs I have are TiConnect and Qt, but don't know how to work Qt). Thank you for your time and hopefully I am posting this in the right place.
Hey, welcome to Cemetech! There is a great tutorial for learning BASIC here, and if you need help with a command, you can refer to the command index! If you need any help with anything, feel free to post your question!

The programs:
TI-Connect CE is essential to you. It allows you to send files to calculator and do pretty much anything with your calc.

QT creator is the integrated development environment (IDE) and is used for compiling C programs. Unless you're planning to learn C right of the bat, or compile some unreleased C program found on github, it's not necessary for you.

CEmu is a great emulator for your laptop (or android phone, though you'll have to build it yourself). It provides tons of control over the emulated calculator and I would highly recommend using it!

This isn't software, but it's super useful so I'll put it here anyways. You'll discover that programming on the calculator isn't as efficient as programming on TI-Connect CE, then you'll discover that TI-Connect CE is kind of annoying to program on. That is why I'm informing you about Source Coder 3! It's a great tool for programming in BASIC, C, ASM, etc. and I highly recommend using it. (It's online-only unfortunately)
Thank you! Seems like I have a lot of learning to do.
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