And it's time again for a new round in the yearly POTY voting! This week you can vote for the newest and most popular calculator: the TI-84+CE. There were slightly less news articles about projects for this calculator than for the monochrome calcs, but nonetheless all great programs! These are the programs you can vote for:

So what are you waiting for? Sign in (or get an account), try out all the programs and hit that vote button! Like the previous weeks, you have 7 days to vote, then the next category will take place; the TI-89 programs. Good luck to all!

More Information: POTY 2017: TI-84+ CE
Aww man, all of these are awesome candidates! Why can't I vote for all of them? Razz
I would agree. These CE releases are of very good quality. Excellent job to all!
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