I'm not sure how long this has been going on, maybe since the navigation bar update, but I haven't seen the SAX greeting for new users. I know it doesn't greet people who just updated their account, but I haven't seen it at all lately.
EDIT: Fixed 12/7/17
EDIT2: Broken 12/18/17
EDIT3: Fixed 12/20/17
You have a point. Then again, I haven't been on too much lately, so what can I say?
The bot that does it (saxhelp, aka Cemetech) hasn't been online for a few weeks. I'll fix it! That bot is also responsible for things like auxiliary channel logging, repeating tweets that contain #cemetech into SAX, and other tasks.
Broken again.
Not much else is needed to be said I think. I'm just keeping my words per post up at this point. Rolling Eyes
The IRC connection died, and by default, Twisted (a Python library for all things server and network) doesn't have a great way to automatically reconnect. I have tried their recommended method, and I'm hoping it'll work.
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