For those of you who watch RWBY, an amazing series by the creative team of Rooster Teeth, you know Salem as the evil girl who's trying to take over the world. Though, when you see a scene with Salem in it, it's boring. She has no apparent story and just has the "take over the world" goal which makes her extremely dull. Clearly though, Rooster Teeth has GOT to have a backstory for her, so let's try to figure out what it is. This is what I think:

Salem is the winter maiden. She looks like her and the winter maiden has not been revealed yet. I think after the maidens were given their powers, They began to become jealous of the other abilities. Winter was the most jealous and even became envious. She then killed her sisters and lived her life hiding. After time, she regretted her actions and hated herself for it. She felt like she needed a redemption. Now, the winter maiden known as Salem is trying to obtain all of the maiden powers to try to resurrect her fallen sisters.

What do you guys think?
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