I started working on a quiz viewer a couple of days ago over Christmas break. It takes a specially formatted string and gleans from it questions, at least 1 and up to 4 answers, and a correct answer. It displays the question and the answers on the homescreen. If the user picks the correct answer, they move on to the next question, if it is incorrect, they can try again. The quizzes can be any number of questions.

Unfortunately, the editor only allows for the addition of questions right now, not the editing of previous ones. However, if you recall the string you can make edits there and then store it back into itself.

I still want to add these features:
-Editing of previous questions
-New line formatting so that questions and answers can span multiple lines
-A mode that doesn't show you if you are correct/incorrect until the very end
-Keeping track of how many are correct/incorrect
-Quiz title, author

I may think of porting it from the homescreen to the graph screen.
Would it be possible to make this in ICE?
jcgter777 wrote:
Would it be possible to make this in ICE?

Yes, but some of us actually like programming in TI-BASIC. I personally enjoy it because I have to think of new ways to do something in order to increase speed/decrease size/get the dang thing working.
jcgter777 wrote:
Would it be possible to make this in ICE?

I find that currently it is easier to manipulate strings in TI-BASIC than ICE. Also, this is meant to be a pretty simple and quick project, and I can program faster in BASIC. The program should be able to run fairly fast in BASIC, as well, so I donít think another language is needed.
Coolio!Very Happy
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