I wrote a small program for generating and storing a Bitcoin wallet (address and private key).
It's not yet ready for release, but I can publish the preliminary source code if anyone is interested.
The program is not optimized yet, the screencap above runs at 5x speed

The code is based on a lot of open source projects.
For example, the QR code generator is a port of Richard Moore's awesome library.
Interesting. Not only that but cool! I would've never imagined someone would make a bitcoin wallet for a calculator. I don't do anything related to bitcoin but for all the people out there who do, release it. It would be awesome! Very Happy
100.000.000 satoshi = 1 bitcoin
you are correct
But noone knows who Satoshi is/was. We only know he/she had important ideas how to build up Bitcoin.

Sorry @SopaXorzTaker. I`m not more talking about your program, but this topic is the only Bitcoin-associated topic I found.
Satoshi is one milionth of a bitcoin. We really don't know much about Satoshi Nakamoto, though. I think there is a bitcoin miner for the ti 84 plus ce on github somewhere, this is pretty cool.
This is really cool! As an avid crypto user i want to be able to shove a calculator in peoples faces and be the worst person humanly possible as I explain how bitcoin can make your life better. Just Joking

In all honesty though, this is a cool project! I'd be really interested in seeing the source and a full release. Smile
In real Bitcoin-mining is very hard and needs a lot of CPU.
yeah, there are mining-dedicated GPUs meant specifically for cryptocurrency mining.
DAVID-19 wrote:
In real Bitcoin-mining is very hard and needs a lot of CPU.

Most crypto mining is done with GPU power. I believe monero (XMR) is the only cryptocurrency that can be profitable with CPU only mining.

Also, to actually be profitable mining on the bitcoin blockchain you'd need an ASIC.
I don`t unterstand Bitcoin miners.
So much time and money to earn a some Bitcoins which are added to the already existing amount of Bitcoins worldwide.
I'm not going to bother going into depth, but basically you need tons of miners to get a good profit. Otherwise it's a fun hobby that you can also do on your desktop machine. Smile
Well, think about this. If you somehow have a very powerful gpu lying around somewhere, set it to mine some blocks or something (I dont know anything about how bitcoin works) and just check in a while later, and boom, you just mined a bitcoin. And roight now, Bitcoin prices are skyrocketing, one bitcoin is about 50k or something. Eventally, we will reach the limit for the amount of mineable bitcoins, though.
Earning some Satoshi on a desktop machine may is fun.
You're kind of right, but once again mining directly on the btc blockchain is almost impossible without an ASIC designed for mining bitcoin (NOT the 84+CE's asic zeroko and womp Razz ) Most people mine ethereum as it can easily be mined with GPU power.
KnightsWhoSayNi I wanted to point out this message:
Crypto mining on your desktop machine is the worst you could do.
It reduces the lifetime of your components (cpu, gpu, etc..)...
It will cost you more to buy new components than what you'll earn..
Don't do that Exclamation
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