When admins verify files, do they actually go through them? It seems like they just accept them immediately. People could upload programs that would ONBlock and not let you leave or computer viruses. I just want to know if these files are all 100% secure...
For new files, I always open the zip files and test the included components, read the README, etc. For updated files, I sometimes do this, and sometimes elide the procedure slightly. I trust that the other administrators follow the same procedure, as they were trained.
Some files are reviewed, but I guess a bad file would probably not have screenshots or a good description, which would make them look suspicious to admins. Correct me if I'm wrong...
Yup. I accept programs for the calculator I have. I ensure the screen shots are within the size limit (when applicable), the readme is detailed, and other stuff. As for updates, if it's from a well-known programmer (like Mateo) I'll admit to giving them the benefit of the doubt and just accept the update.
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