The oldest calculator site, the well-known, starts again with the Projects of this Year voting. The voting is divided into a 5 weeks, each week its own category, starting off with the TI-83+/TI-84+ Monochrome Programs. There are 12 programs that were newsed about this year, resulting in this list:

Like the past years, you can vote by signing in with your account and vote for your favorite program in the poll at the frontpage. You have 7 days to vote, then a new voting starts: the TI-84+C Silver Edition! Good luck to all and may the best program win!

More Information: POTY 2017: TI-83+/TI-84+
I wonder if Descent will count for the next two categories too...hmm

*JWinslow23 works on more cross-compatible games
Yes, it will. Smile We decided that if an author goes to the trouble of making a game work on multiple calculator platforms, it's reasonable to allow the program to run separately in each pertinent POTY poll.
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