This program is a shoot em up style game that places you as the pilot of a spacecraft. You must either shoot the asteroids or avoid them. Keep in mind that if you avoid them, you lose 1 point. This is ENTIRELY written in TI-Basic and utilizes the home screen. It is written for TI84+CE right now, but a port to TI-83+ is planned.

Download and Source Code not yet available although the project is done.
EDIT: I forgot I did not post download links:

Asteroids ICE:
Asteroids CE v.1.8 (BASIC):
Cool! I made a terrible version of this exact idea here! And a similar version here. You can look at the code if you want, though I don't recommend looking at the first one. Razz
If you need any help feel free to post, good luck!
I already made a copy of the game for the TI83+ but lost the file when the 83+ bricked Mad anyways the file should be available later today....
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