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What's nerdier than programming a calculator? Programming Dungeons & Dragons, that's what! Razz

*ahem* anyways...
I have taken up a D&D project, I can't believe there hasn't already been one made! This is going to be like the Dungeons & Dragons Computer Labyrinth Game. Since it's the only version of D&D I've ever played... 6 years ago. I don't really remember how the game works, I'm just kind of making my own version up as I go, but I'm hoping to make a good version in ICE when ICE 2.0 gets released with all its major bugs ironed out.

First screenshot (this is going to majorly change throughout development):

If anyone could help with the mechanics of the game that'd be appreciated!
sounds amazing, Quite the challenge though, good luck!
Remember to be careful when programming things like the demogorgon and the mind flayer... or just don't include them at all!
I thought I saw Dungeons & Dragons on TI-Planet...
Though I think that you could make that version even better...

Sounds like a great idea, TheLastMillennial! Keep up the great work!
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