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Add a follow button to things in the archives for updates.
I'm pretty sure there is a thread somewhere where this post should go (website sugegstions maybe?)

If I understand correctly, you are suggesting that for programs that have been updated and that therefore, have multiple versions, there be an option to be notified when an update is released. I don't think this is a good idea because the archives are already quite cluttered, and such a feature would not be very useful for the vast majority of activity that takes place in those archives. You need to remember that although we are active community members, the vast majority of users that visit the archives are guests that are looking for something like "GAMES4CALC" on google. Therefore, these users couldn't be notified of updates, and they are the people downloading things. The people who would have the option to get notified of updates are people who regularly log on (unless you are suggesting that we send an email to them, which is bad for people who have changed their emails or lost access to it anyway). However, the users who regularly log on don't need to be notified of updates, because they keep up to date with people's projects. Also, one thing I've been rooting for for a while now is to bring back the recent file uploads tab on the homepage. Back in the day (before mid 2015), there was such a section on the homepage, which allowed users to see what programs had been uploaded recently. This provided a little bit of publicity for the people who didn't have entire threads dedicated to discussing their projects. Of course when the redesign came along, this feature was removed for an unknown reason (maybe the admins wanted people to talk about their projects more?) And now, there is no easy way to see what people are uploading. If this feature were to be added back in, then it would provide the information that you seem to be suggesting is lacking, while not being as intrusive on the users, and giving people a reason to visit the homepage Wink
There are RSS feeds

I have a script that pokes me whenever a new post, headline, or file is made.

In case you donít want to go the route I did, there are many apps that can give you notifications on RSS feeds.

The feed link is here:
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