Trap the Mouse has been accepted into archives! Download it here:
Trap the Mouse is a game where a player tries to stop a mouse from reaching the edge of a board by placing hexagonal pillars. This is a two player version, with one person playing as the mouse and one as the trapper. It is written in TI-BASIC and I will upload optimizations at some point soon. The current game features win detection for the mouse, customizable settings, and ugly monochrome text graphics. It will work on any TI calc with a screen that is 26*10.

(The <> is the cursor, the {} is the mouse, [] is a blank space, and OO is a pillar.)
I suggest making the spaces either actual spaces, or dashes, for a cleaner look.

I think that either {} or () looks more like a pillar, and the <> immediately struck me as the mouse.

Just a suggestion Wink
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