At Cemetech we strive to encompass more than just calculator programming, and one part of that is featuring electronics-related projects. Recently, long-time Cemetech member amihart, took her TI-Innovator Hub and connected it to the MAX7219 chip, used to control an 8x8 LED display. A nice part of this project is that you can now control the display with TI-BASIC! This high-level language is easy to learn, and easy to code, so it should not be too hard for others to replicate and expand upon this project. With BASIC, you can start/boot up the display, shut it down, change its brightness, and display emoticons at the display. You can even control the chip's internal registers for more advanced manipulation of its functionality. So what are you waiting for? Check out this project, grab your TI-Innovator Hub, buy the MAX7219 (which is rather cheap), and start coding!

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PT_ wrote:
buy the MAX7219 (which is rather cheap)
Nit: buy a MAX7219-based module.
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