When the CSE came out, my first color TI-BASIC game was Cookie Clicker +C, which is to date my most popular file on TICalc.

Almost 4 years later, my second color TI-BASIC game was Descent, which is unique in that it is cross-compatible with the older monochrome models.

Now, I am proud to introduce my third ever color TI-BASIC game, Picross!

For those who do not know what Picross is, Picross is a picture logic puzzle, and you must color or leave blank spaces in a grid according to numbers on the side to reveal a hidden picture. The Wikipedia page on Picross has some more information.

At the moment, it is only a demo, with the ability to view and solve a random puzzle of a random size. The numbers going across on the top and the side are supposed to represent the numbers for the current row and column. You may edit the grid with 2ND and ALPHA, and when you solve the puzzle, the game detects this and tells you.

Download here. Try it out!
Sounds like a great project!

I have now implemented saving and restoring of your puzzle progress!

Download here.

Now, navigating the grid is much faster, and a correctly colored row or column automatically gets its blank squares marked blank.

Download here.

Added a 30 minute timer, and time penalties.

Download here.
It's looking better and better! It seems like you might have sped up the number erasure from the first post; are you doing something like remembering where numbers were drawn and only erasing those spots? Or is that an optical illusion? Don't forget to upload to the Cemetech Archives when it's done!
Don't worry, I won't forget Wink

And yes, the number erasure is sped up. It used to be a bunch of Horizontal and Vertical commands, but now it's a handful of Text()s (I simply forgot how fast Text was Rolling Eyes ).

Oh, and for everyone else, quick question: should you be able to save your progress on a specific puzzle, or should they be done in one go? The former option would be nice, but the latter option will greatly simplify code and reduce storage.
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