This is just kind of random but PacMan on the CE has 208376 downloads which is like the amount of downloads that Oiram has times ten.
That's probably because most of the old tutorials that show how to send games to your calculator used PacMan as the example. Also, PacMan has been out for ~2years longer than Oiram. Wink
I'm pretty sure it has to do with name recognition and the length of time it's been available for. When going through the list of programs I'd recognize PacMan before I even knew what Oiram was. However, when I did the topic for the top CE games, PacMan had 162,375 downloads. So to have 46,001 downloads in a month and a day is remarkable.

While I'm at it: Oiram had 9,013 downloads when I made that article and now it's at 17,578 for a difference of 8,565. So, it almost doubled it's download count in that same period.

Impressive all around!
Just for scale, thatís nearly twice as many downloads in a month than what Iíve gotten during my entire ~year here.

Says a lot about the quality of the respective programs, eh?
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