There is a new manual online:

OS 3.10 features:
- fx-CG10 restrictions on g3p/g3b file import removed
- fx-CG10/20 will use white fx-CG50 main menu screen
- In exam mode, fx-CG50 display brightness is set to level 1 instead of 0 (after inactivity, increased battery drain)
- [EXP] / [x10^x] key will output "x10" instead of "E" where possible
- Catalog includes QR code function to get help online for specific commands
- E-CON4 adds manual sampling function and can save sample data to CSV files
- 3D Graph add-in adds cone template and function input (Z graph, parametric graph, solid of rotation on X/Y axis)
- 3D Graph add-in adds trace function and can determine intersections and relationships among lines and planes
- 3D Graph add-in version 1.01 will work on OS 3.10 or higher (3D Graph 1.00 even works on fx-CG10 OS 1.00)

fx-CG20/50 AU restrictions:
- Only 4.5 MB of user flash memory and Picture Plot add-in not preinstalled
- No intersections and relationships among lines and planes in 3D Graph add-in

The fx-CG50 AU will be available in November according to
I am strangely excited about the white main menu screen so the g3a's can be the same.
On the fx-CG50, the display brightness is set to level 0 after 30 seconds of inactivity. Level 0 cannot be set by the user manually and is
not used on the fx-CG10/20 either.

Also note that power off mode behaves differently on the fx-CG50:
60 minutes after power off, SDRAM power supply is cut off (on fx-CG10/20, SRAM remains powered). This means that some data is lost on the fx-CG50 like Run-Matrix data entered in linear mode or graph view data. You can test this behavior with diagnostic mode option "x.OFF".

These details are (vaguely) described in the hardware manual:

PS: This is the screen when entering exam mode on a model with LED.

Thanks for the update. Is it available yet for both or any of the models or just announced - I couldn't find the download for this please.

Also do you know please if the upgrade can be downgraded as was possible before back to the previous OS if desired for some reason? Also on both 50 and 10/20 models please?

Regarding level 0 - can we set it via add-ins on both models if you know please.
Is it available yet for both or any of the models or just announced - I couldn't find the download for this please.

OS 3.10 is available for fx-CG10/20/50 on

Also do you know please if the upgrade can be downgraded as was possible before back to the previous OS if desired for some reason? Also on both 50 and 10/20 models please?

This should work via the boot code OS update mode.
Yet, newer fx-CG10/20 boot code versions seem to block update programs prior to OS 2.02. Some DLL modifications would be required here.

Regarding level 0 - can we set it via add-ins on both models if you know please.

I don't know the syscall number right now - if there is one.
This is more likely a compile-time option as level 0 is only set on the fx-CG50.
Thanks for all this
OS 3.10 is now available on

The fx-CG50 will be launched in Japan in October:
critor had already warned me about this new OS version, regarding fixing Eigenmath compatibility with the fx-CG 50. However, at the time, and until very recently, I did not realize the full extent of the changes this new OS version brought, especially for the older models, fx-CG 10 and 20. More recently, a couple other people have contacted me about my add-ins and after some confusion I decided to go here and see what the deal was, now I think I know.

I understand that now the OS between all three models is more unified than ever, and even the g3p/g3b restrictions, the only thing that set the fx-CG 10 apart from the fx-CG 20, are now gone. The menu is now white on all models, I suppose the VRAM address might have changed once again...

I applaud these decisions, even if they could have come sooner. However, in the brief analysis I did (brief, as that's what the time I have available allows for), it is my impression that the latest "CasioWin" is not the one I developed my add-ins for. The changes to power-off behavior on the fx-CG 50 mentioned by TeamFX, make me even less sure of the compatibility of my add-ins with this version, even those I had previously updated and marked as compatible.

My add-ins are no longer being maintained, and given the wide changes in the latest OS versions, I feel it is my obligation to reiterate that my add-ins are provided without warranty or guarantee of fitness for a particular purpose. Now, more than ever, I can't assure that they are safe to use or that they will work correctly, in the latest OS versions and models. I will not update my add-ins again, not even the icons, simply because I don't have the means nor time to do it anymore.
I did not expect the platform to change so much at this point in its life, although I'm happy for all the Prizm owners, especially those of older models, that their devices are still being maintained - including what is basically a free model upgrade sans CPU speed increase (but you can always overclock at your own risk...). Good Idea

This is the reply I sent to critor, it might help you understand my inflexible position:
I did not miss your post, but I forgot about it. Consider that:
- I don't have the affected hardware (and that I don't use my fx-CG 20 anymore),
- The problem could not be reproduced on the emulator the last time I took a look at this (and that I have better things to do other than fiddle with emulator trials),
- Last time I looked at this, I had little to no idea what could be causing the problem, but it didn't look like a problem in the OS, but rather problems caused by a misconfigured compiler/linker and/or latent mistakes in the code that only became bugs with later compiler versions or different configuration,
- I no longer have a Prizm development environment installed (and that the one I used had lots of modifications, especially when it came to compiling Eigenmath, that I don't even remember anymore),
- I forgot most knowledge about Prizm development, to "give space" to more useful and marketable development skills and experience,
- The latest Eigenmath add-in release was over three years ago, we're now way beyond the "support schedule" I had planned for this add-in,
- I'm pursuing a master's degree that leaves me with very little free time, which I much prefer spending doing things I enjoy like hanging out with friends, playing games and working on other projects I find much more interesting and impactful.

You might also find the following post will give some insight into my current situation regarding Prizm development:

All this to say that, realistically, you should not expect the compatibility of the Eigenmath add-in with the new models to be fixed, at least not by me, nor should you expect that I'll ever develop for the Prizm again.

I know this is not the reply you'd like to read from me, but remember that all of my add-ins are open source. I just can't promise you'll be able to compile them (I knew I should have made a VM with the build environment and all the necessary "hacks"...). If someone comes and updates them for the new OS, I have zero problems with making them the new maintainers of the official branch. I'm sure we could even work something out regarding updating forum posts and the like. But the few people that keep on asking should know that, realistically, they won't be getting any new versions from me.
Thank you for your valuable tools, gbl08ma, and I completely understand changes in your priorities - good luck with everything.

I don't know if one of the observations on eigenmath will help you or someone else able to compile it in the future – (I only remember using it on old OS) I noticed in the past that eigenmath can print text all the way to the right with the space being taken from the outer lcd frame - maybe new hardware and/or software is treating that extra lcd space somewhat differently and perhaps this is what is causing crashes (maybe it is not even always obvious that the outer frame is overlapped by blank text) or perhaps VRAM itself is struggling to fit the text that way on the new systems...

If VM which can compile eigenmath as well as imageviewer is possible – I wouldn’t mind paying a reasonable bounty – please let me know if someone is prepared to get that working.
Updated OS 3.10 has been released for fx-CG50 models.

Version 3.10.xx1x
Examination Mode Improvement for Netherlands and Small Functional Improvement.
New OS update has been released for fx-CG10/20 and fx-CG50 models.

Version 3.11
Italian language is added newly as Message language.
New Reset function is added as Reset function. (Reset1)

Reset1 is the function that deletes all data of Main Memory and Storage Memory except several Add-ins as follows.

The following Add-ins are not deleted when Reset1 function is executed.

3D Graph (3DGraph.g3a) v1.02 or later
Geometry (Geometry.g3a) v1.05 or later
Physium (Physium.g3a) v1.05 or later
Picture Plot (PictPlot.g3a) v1.03 or later
Conversion (Conv.g3a) v1.02 or later
Probability Simulation (ProbSim.g3a) v1.02 or later

- All other Add-ins except above are deleted when Reset1 function is executed.
Please install the latest version of Add-in software from our website if you do not want to delete Add-ins with the version older than above.

- “Add-ins deleted by Reset1 are Installed.” is displayed on graphing calculators in case of the following situation.

Including Add-ins deleted by Reset1 when data communication of Storage Memory is finished.
Including Add-ins deleted by Reset1 when data communication between graphing calculators is executed.
Including Add-ins deleted by Reset1 when completing initial setting.
Latest news is that the CG-50 comes with a version of Micro-Python installed. At this point, I don't think this version of Python has any graphic capabilities. Would assume this will come later.

There is also a new competitor, a calculator/company called 'Numworks'. Machine is very fast, possibly ARM based, also comes with Micro-Python. Micro-Python seems to be the 'next wave.'
The NumWorks calculator has been on the market for over a year Smile
It's definitely ARM-based: STM32F4 microcontroller, far more raw power than other mid-range calculators such as the TI-83 Premium CE / 84 Plus CE(-T) but not more RAM (256 KB) and unfortunately, only 1 MB of built-in Flash memory (but it's easy to buy and solder a 8 MB Flash chip which costs less than 1 USD / EUR or a 16 MB chip which costs less than 3 USD / EUR).
The NumWorks calculator has open-source firmware hosted on Github, though it's not "free software" in the FSF sense. Several persons best known for their contributions to TI calculators have contributed some work and ideas to the NumWorks firmware.

NumWorks started the MicroPython wave for calculators, at critor's suggestion. Years ago, after MicroPython was unofficially ported to the Nspire platform, we TI-Planet admins had suggested TI management to implement some form of Python on their calculators, to no avail...
In only several weeks of development time, NumWorks forced the established manufacturers to play catch-up with them, whereas they could have had years of head start... good for users that a newcomer finally managed to do a small thing to break the status quo.

At the time of this writing, the fx-CG50 / Graph 90+E remains the only other calculator model whose OS provides an official implementation of MicroPython...
The HP Prime G1 and G2 use Giac's imperfect Python compatibility layer, and TI still provides nothing on any model (and has announced nothing for the Nspire CX II or a mid-range model). For cost reasons, the TI-Python Adapter for the TI-83 Premium CE, which hit the market about 10 days ago, has very limited hardware characteristics, and the usage of single precision floating point in its official firmware - unlike all other implementations of Python(-like) language on calculators - disqualifies it from serious math usage...
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