So, despite warnings not to, I decided to give ZDSII a try for some generic (not calculator related) and fairly trivial tests.

I have the following small program:


volatile signed char vvar;

void main(void)
   unsigned char i;
   { vvar++;   }
   while((unsigned char) --i != (unsigned char) 0);

The compiler turns this into


   PUSH   IX
   LD   IX,0
   ADD   IX,SP
   DEC   SP
;    5      unsigned char i;
;    6      
;    7      i=8;

   LD   (IX+%FFFFFFFF),%8
;    8      do

;    9      { vvar++;   }

   LD   A,(_vvar)
   LD   B,A
   LD   A,(_vvar)
   INC   A
   LD   (_vvar),A
;   10      while((unsigned char) --i != (unsigned char) 0);
.LINE 10

   OR   A,A
   JR   NZ,L_1
;   11         
;   12      
;   13      return;
.LINE 14

   LD   SP,IX
   POP   IX

i.e. at the end of the do/while loop, the code first decrements i, then explicitly compares its value to zero, and then does a conditional jump.

Shouldn't the compiler be able to skip the explicit comparison, as DEC (IX/Y+d) changes the zero flag according to the result of the decrement?
It should, but zds no optimize gud. On that note, I should probably look into adding the inc/dec (reg) opt to llvm...
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