About a month ago I updated Minecraft Pocket Edition, a game I had not opened in nearly five years. I was blown away by the ridiculously professional look of the game, and its insane frame rate for my ancient iPhone 5. I was quickly acquainted with a variety of massive servers, which me and Pieman frequented together. I could run a solid 50 FPS on a 100+ user server with maximum graphics settings.

I have since purchased a bluetooth controller and have successfully mimicked playing console Minecraft on my phone. It's crazy fun.

I tried to enter to the Cemetech MC server, but to no avail. Apparently Minecraft Bedrock Engine editions and the Java version are yet to be officially connected, though I have seen servers which do host-side data translation to allow inter-play between Java and Bedrock Engine editions. Would this be feasible with Cemetech MC as well?
I'm not sure what's involved in making the two versions compatible but we also have very little desire to do this. Sorry Sad
This page suggests that what you're describing is not possible yet, at least for servers built around supporting the Java client first and foremost.
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