I was bored, and am making programs that generate cool backgrounds/scenes, randomizing them every time, so it will be unlikely hat you get use

I will post source later, but I have one of the scenes done.

Randomized features: the height of the waves (each column of "water" has a random factor), the extent of the darkness, the light blue splashie-things, the direction the fin is facing, the left-right position of the fin, the thickness of the fin, and the height of the fin.

Name: City Generator
Randomized features: position + size of buildings, time of day, spacing of windows. (if night) color of windows.

BackgroundOn White
If Q
BackgroundOn Black
         If not(remainder(int(D-Ymin),S)) and not(remainder(B-I,S)) and (B>(I+1) and B<(J-1)) and D<H
            If S=2 and W=13 and Q
            If S=3 and W=14 and Q

I will get an actually screenie later, I made this with Zeman at his house and am without ti-connect Sad

Feel free to suggest more scene ideas, comment on existing ones, and create on of your own! (Just know I will be creating "one program to rule them all" that will randomly pick a scene to display, and display it)

Current scene ideas list:
1) island, with randomized palm trees, ocean, sand, and birds
2) homework, with randomized math problems, and randomized amounts of correct work and answers
This looks cool, but I'm confused on what this game is actually about. Is it kind of like a Stranded Deep or That-one-shark-game-where-you-eat-everything?

I cant wait to see some screenshots and plagiarize learn from your code!
It's not a game, it's just generating cool graphics Cool
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